Escondido Artificial Grass

Our synthetic turf helps home and business owners maintain lush, beautiful lawns all across the greater San Diego area.

Increasing the value of your home in Escondido is as easy as installing artificial turf, but increased property value is not the only benefit you will experience when you opt for new synthetic turf. SYNLawn offers turf solutions that are cost effective, low maintenance and environmentally friendly for homes and businesses in Escondido and the greater San Diego area.

Artificial turf in San Diego and now in the Escondido area offers a wide variety of alternative options for lawns, landscape and even sports facilities that look, feel and move just like natural grass. As a cost effective, low maintenance option, homeowners are able to increase the value of their home with one simple installation and almost no upkeep. Our product has been finely tuned to replicate the finest grass you would expect to see in a sports arena, putting course or well-manicured front yard. Our artificial grass can withstand the California sun, rain and even the rough-and-tumble play of children and pets without failing or resulting in costly upkeep every month (or every week, in some cases). Rest assured that when you are considering SYNLawn you are considering the best and most versatile synthetic grass on the Escondido market.

Why trust SYNLawn over the competition? Other companies with less experience and poor manufacturing quality simply do not reflect the same ideal qualities that SYNLawn offers homeowners. Our manufacturing process has been fine-tuned to include every feature that our artificial turf is intended for. Even better, when you choose to work with us, we guarantee our material will look and feel just like healthy, natural grass.

Water restrictions and shortages are nothing new to Escondido residents and we understand the need for change. Many San Diego residents are opting for synthetic turf in Escondido to provide the function they desire as well as an environmentally friendly alternative. Not only does SYNLawn artificial grass in Escondido require zero water, but you can also forget about carbon emissions that come along with mowing your lawn and performing routine landscaping. We use recycled, renewable materials that will make you feel good about the little impact you and your family have in an ever-changing environment.

Escondido is home to some of the most beautiful, lush landscapes in the San Diego region and your home can reflect the beauty the city embodies with synthetic grass. Whether you are choosing to have a picnic outdoors on a perfect summer night or need to brush up on your golf game, SYN Lawns has the best solution for your home or commercial building. SYNLawn offer a wide variety of artificial turf that matches your landscaping vision and precise turf expectations for a lawn, sports complex or landscaped area; let’s work together to make your landscaping vision a reality. Call us at (858) 566-7422 or contact us online today for a FREE design consultation!