san diego playground needs artificial grass

Use Artificial Grass Turf Remnants in 4 Out-of-the-Box Ways

There are countless applications for artificial grass turf in homes and businesses throughout San Diego, California. After your synthetic turf installation has been completed, there are usually remnants of turf left over. Instead of throwing these scraps out, SYNLawn® San Diego has come up with a list of four do-it-yourself projects to reuse and upcycle spare artificial grass.

  1. Pet turf
    In addition to installing artificial grass pet turf outside in your front or back yard, there are several other pet-related projects you can complete with remnants. Try replacing straw and newspaper with artificial grass for an easy-to-clean alternative for rabbit hutches and bird cages. You can also create a small dog run on the side of your house to help your pooch blow off some steam while you’re gone. Simply lay down several pieces of artificial grass pet turf in a fenced-off area for Fido to play and do his business. When it’s time to clean up, just hose the area off.
  2. Children’s play area
    Place artificial grass lawn turf in your children’s play room and let their imaginations run wild! They can play farmer and “grow” things in the grass, pretend that they’re in an enchanted forest, or even play house and have a lawn of their own to landscape their yard. Installing synthetic turf on walls and ceilings also acts as a soundproofing agent.
  3. Apartment/condo landscaping
    Do you live in an apartment or condo in San Diego and miss having a lawn? Install SYNLawn® artificial grass turf on your concrete balcony to enjoy the same look and feel of natural grass, without the restrictions of needing soil and water. Your family and pets are sure to love lounging outside in the sun on your new mini-yard balcony.
  4. Mudroom mats
    Use synthetic turf remnants instead of purchasing a fancy mudroom mat that is sure to get ruined. SYNLawn® knows that when the rainy season hits California, mud and dirt are bound to find their way into your home. Place one mat outside of your door and one just inside of your door for double protection.
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