Bean bag chairs on artificial grass in a “relax zone” at a San Diego company

Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass in San Diego

When it comes to creative landscape design, there are few options as versatile as artificial grass. San Diego homes and businesses have already discovered how artificial grass helps them save water, money and time, but few have completely tapped the full potential of artificial grass and all the possibilities it holds for their purposes. We have compiled a few of our favorite unconventional artificial turf installation ideas for your consideration.

Indoor Fitness Areas

While it might be standard to use artificial grass for indoor soccer fields, fewer facilities have considered using our turf for physical therapy centers, weight rooms or yoga classrooms. Artificial grass is a great way to add a natural feel to your physical fitness center and can help set the tone for a great workout.


Pet Boarding Facilities

Play areas at doggie daycare don’t have to be made of concrete. Upgrade your space to include lush, green grass that pets will love! Little paws can grip artificial turf much better than smooth surfaces, leading to safer playtimes and comfier pups. We even offer hygienic pet turf to help keep your space clean and odor free at all times.


Indoor Putting Greens

Upgrade your man cave or she shed with a fun activity everyone can enjoy! Indoor putting greens are a great way to make your space more engaging. You’ll also be able to practice your short game in the comfort of your own home, which is an added benefit you can take straight to the golf greens.


Commercial Window Displays

Nothing says “spring has arrived” like a luxurious grass display in the storefront of your business. Create an enticing scene featuring all your latest products for a visually attractive vignette your customers won’t soon forget. Depending on the size of your display, you may be able to use artificial grass remnants to save on cost and draw in more San Diego shoppers.


Office Décor

Greenery is one of the best ways to lighten the atmosphere in a space. Ease stress with a little more greenery in the office when you install a wall of artificial grass strategically placed near desks. Some companies have even created artificial grass adorned “relax areas” complete with bean bags and magazines for employees to read during breaks.


Rooftop Patios

Natural sod must be paired with soil, which quickly adds to the weight of your rooftop grass installation. Artificial grass is a great, lightweight alternative solution that will preserve your usable space and invite people to come enjoy the sunshine.


When it comes to artificial grass, it’s easy to let your creativity shine! Use our ideas or send us photos of your own completed projects. If you’re ready for a more involved installation, contact us today and receive a free design consultation.