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Why You Should Consider an Artificial Grass Lawn Now!

San Diego has incredible weather all year-round. Whether it’s the middle of July or the middle of December, you can enjoy spending time outside. It may be a little chilly to surf or swim,  but many Californians spend more time outside during the winter months than in the summer.  Whether you are playing sports or soaking in the sun, experience all that The Golden State has to offer. There’s no better time to make the switch to synthetic grass in San Diego than right now. Here are three of the top reasons why:

  1. Low maintenance
    Even though the temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, most plants and trees need frost blankets to make it through the winter months. Maintaining a natural grass lawn in frosty mornings, overcast skies and rainy weather can seem like an uphill battle. Sparse sunlight and increased rainfall can drown your lawn, and having to rake leaves, mow and fertilize are just extra hassles.An artificial lawn from SYNLawn® San Diego eliminates the majority of tedious work associated with natural lawn maintenance. Clear your lawn with a leaf blower and never worry about frost damage again! Plus, you will never have to reseed or lay down more sod. Our synthetic turf also drains faster than natural grass, letting you get back to playing and enjoying your yard faster.
  2. Safer for the whole family
    Runoff from pesticides and fertilizers used on natural grass lawns has become more of a concern in recent years. These chemicals end up getting dumped into the nearby ocean, negatively impacting the balance of the oceanic ecosystem. These same chemicals can cause skin irritations and can even poison your family’s animals! Our artificial grass turf is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, making it a safe place for kids and pets to play.
  3. Save money
    Installing an artificial grass lawn during the winter gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be saving big once spring and summertime roll around. It is no secret that California’s sever drought will likely bring stricter restrictions in the future. Synthetic turf from SYNLawn® San Diego can cut your monthly water bill by as much as two-thirds and spare you from having to pay high premiums for watering your lawn.

Contact one of our design consultants to learn more about the benefits and endless possibilities of artificial grass from SYNLawn® San Diego. We create and install stunning synthetic turf golf putting greens, tee lines, residential lawns, commercial landscapes, and a variety of other projects throughout California. Request a free quote today!

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