Why More San Diego HOAs are Turning to Artificial Grass

Southern California home with artificial grass installation

Residential landscaping faces one major hurdle in San Diego’s neighborhoods: local Homeowners Associations (HOAs). HOAs typically enforce regulations that maintain property values in the neighborhood. Strict codes that regulate adherence to the original property plan, types of plants that may be used, and even paint colors are common. While HOAs are traditionally suspicious of artificial […]

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Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass in San Diego

Bean bag chairs on artificial grass in a “relax zone” at a San Diego company

When it comes to creative landscape design, there are few options as versatile as artificial grass. San Diego homes and businesses have already discovered how artificial grass helps them save water, money and time, but few have completely tapped the full potential of artificial grass and all the possibilities it holds for their purposes. We […]

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How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass in San Diego

image of mom and son playing on artificial grass

We’re answering five important questions to ask when choosing artificial grass. While driving around town, you’ll probably come across artificial grass in San Diego that you didn’t realize was actually fake. It’s an excellent solution to keeping a lawn green during the California drought. But, you might have a lot of questions about synthetic grass, […]

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Summer Made Easy with Artificial Grass

mom and daughter do split on playground turf in san diego

In San Diego, summertime fun and green grass go hand in hand. Want to enjoy the upcoming summer season with a lush, green lawn? Consider the benefits of installing artificial grass at your San Diego home, which boasts all the beauty of natural grass with a fraction of the hard work and costs typically associated […]

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