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5 Solutions for Real Grass Problems

Real grass can be difficult to care for, so turn to artificial grass for a natural-looking lawn that will stay green year-round.

Many desire a lush, green landscape for their home or business, but it can be a challenge to keep it that way. When you have real grass, there are many problems that can prevent your lawn from looking its best, from maintenance issues to dead patches. If your lawn is a real pain in the grass, then consider San Diego artificial grass as a low-maintenance solution. Here are five reasons why your problematic grass area could use a SYNLawn fix.

1. Small Areas


Whether you have a small area of grass or a design with pavers, it can be difficult to maintain the grassy space due to its size. It may not be a large enough area to justify buying a mower, and using a small weed whacker can be tedious. Synthetic grass is perfect for small areas because you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to tackle that tiny area of unruly grass blades.

2. Lawn Diseases


From dollar spot to slime mold, there are a number of lawn diseases that could be affecting your grass. It all depends on if you have a susceptible lawn, a favorable environment and a pathogen present. Getting your real grass back on track might require harmful chemicals from fertilization or even a fungicide treatment. Artificial landscaping turf eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, so you won’t be exposing your family or pets to these toxic chemicals.

3. Too Much Maintenance


With a large backyard or front yard comes a lot of maintenance, including water. Constantly having to water your thirsty lawn can get expensive. And, if you’re not up to spending your Saturdays mowing the grass, hiring a company to do the maintenance for you will cost you some green. San Diego artificial grass requires a lot less maintenance and doesn’t need to be watered, which makes it a great drought solution.

4. Dead Patches


Nobody wants dead patches ruining the look of their beautiful green grass, but it can be a problem that’s caused by tree roots or too much shade. If you don’t want to get rid of your large trees or notice that your real grass doesn’t get enough sun to grow, then turn to landscape turf for an artificial lawn that will be green year-round.

5. Yellow Spots from Pets


Your pet’s urine not only kills the grass, but it also creates an undesirable look from inconsistent yellow spots. Unless you’ve trained Fido to go in a designated area, this polka-dotted problem will be a never-ending issue. Artificial pet turf is specifically engineered for pet use. It will get rid of those ugly brown spots from pet urine, and the organic zeolite crystals we use will help absorb pet waste and reduce ammonia odors by 80 percent.

If you want to get rid of your real grass problems, then turn to SYNLawn San Diego. We offer free design consultations, and our San Diego artificial grass professionals will be happy to discuss your specific turf needs. Contact us today to start enjoying a green lawn all year long!