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5 Reasons Why You Need Pet Turf

From muddy messes to stinky smells, our pet-friendly artificial grass is the perfect solution for pet parents wanting to rid their lawns of pet problems.

Whether you have one dog or several pooches, you need pet turf for your home in San Diego. Why? It’s the best solution for your outdoor pet problems. Not only will your grass look nice for the next 15 years, but also it will make maintenance a breeze! Still not sure if it’s right for you? At San Diego Artificial Lawns, we’re breaking down five main reasons why you shouldn’t live without pet turf.

1. No More Messes


Ever catch your dog digging holes in your newly planted grass, come home to muddy paw prints on your new rug, or realize your lawn is filled with brown spots? With pet-friendly artificial grass, you won’t have to deal with any of these eyesores because your lawn will always stay green and your dogs will stay clear of muddy messes.

image of dog on pet turf in San Diego

2. No Odors

Some are taken aback by pet turf because they think it, well, stinks. However, if you have the proper pet system installed, then you shouldn’t have to deal with any odors. Pet turf from San Diego Artificial Lawns features zeolite crystals that are mined in California. These safe, natural crystals deodorize the urine as it passes through it and ultimately eliminate the smell.

3. Excellent Drainage

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that liquids drain properly because our San Diego Artificial Lawns pet-friendly artificial grass includes drainage holes every four inches. Water and other liquids drain into the base at 30-inches per hour, so your pup can play outside shortly after a storm. And with a combination of our drainage system and odor control, your pet turf should be odorless by the time urine reaches the base.

image of family with dog on pet turf San Diego

4. No Pesky Pests

You most likely spend money each month on flea and tick treatments for your fur baby without thinking twice, but what if you didn’t have to worry about these pesky pests as much? Pet turf doesn’t attract any fleas, ticks or other unwanted bugs because it’s a plastic product. This also means that your dog won’t be tracking these pests into the home.

5. Get $250 Off

At San Diego Artificial Lawns, we’re proud to be part of San Diego Artificial Lawns’ partnership with the SPCA International (SPCAI) to help spread awareness for pet adoption. If you’ve rescued a pet from an animal shelter, then you can take advantage of our special offer: $250 off our pet turf installations in San Diego. Additionally, a portion of our proceeds will benefit the SPCAI.

image of pet rescue dog on synlawn pet turf

Now is the perfect time to install pet-friendly artificial grass at your San Diego home. You’ll make your dog happy and help other homeless pets hoping for their forever homes. Contact our San Diego Artificial Lawns showroom today to discuss your pet turf needs.