San Diego Artificial Lawns is Southern California’s trusted source for exquisite artificial lawn and putting green installations, as well as premium, affordable artificial grass and accessories.  Our Artificial Lawns team has over 80 years of industry experience, and can provide the expert advice you need for any artificial grass project.

We carry the most technologically advanced products in the artificial grass market today.  With any artificial lawn products, you will see water savings and reduced carbon emissions by eliminating the need for lawn care equipment.  With products form San Diego Artificial Lawns, you will also see these benefits:

  • An enhanced aesthetic due to the thin, 3-dimensional blades
  • Less shine from the turf due to the delustering additive
  • Renewable content incorporated in the backing to further reduce your carbon footprint
  • Heat reduction technology to reduce surface temperature
  • No reflective lighting issues if you choose one of our proprietary nylon products
  • Antimicrobials incorporated in the turf to reduce pet odors
  • More realistic putting greens with the installation of our exclusive memory foam padding

If you are looking for turf for your yard, business, playground, putting green, pet area, athletic field, or business, we can be the advisor you need.

How does installing artificial grass benefit you and the environment?

Significantly less time is required to maintain your yard

Reduction of your water consumption by up to 80%

Reduction or elimination of carbon emissions from gas-powered equipment

Reduction of elimination of herbicides and pesticides

Artificial grass products featured by San Diego Artificial Lawns are developed and manufactured to provide you with an environmentally-friendly, durable, and beautiful artificial grass installation.  Most of our products feature a 15 year warranty, and all are made from recyclable polymers.

We provide installations for the following cities, and can provide product for all of California.

San Diego | Chula Vista | Escondido | Oceanside | Coronado | Palm Desert | Riverside County | Orange County | San Marcos | Carlsbad

Why San Diego Artificial Lawns?

San Diego Artificial Lawns provides you with a truly "green" product.

San Diego Artificial Lawns features proprietary BioCel polyurethane coating on almost all products.  BioCel is a soy-based polyurethane that incorporates soy polyols in place of petroleum-based polyols, helping us increase the renewable content in every square foot of artificial grass while also helping promote the soy industry across the US.

Fully Recyclable.

Made in the USA using renewable and recyclable components that reduce your carbon imprint due to its long-life expectancy.

BioCel Technology

Proprietary BioCel polyurethane coating is the industry’s leading coating for companies looking for a positive environmental impact.  In addition to its soy content, it also features antimicrobial technology built in to help mitigate odors in pet installations.

Heat Reduction Technology

Almost all of our products contain heat reduction additives in the face fiber to keep the surface cooler than products without the same technology.  San Diego Artificial Lawns can also provide a system with evaporative cooling infill if you want a more significant temperature reduction.

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